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She’s a tease!

More images from the new Dita Von Tease lingerie line have appeared on line over the last few days. With a detemintation to design lingerie for women of all sizes, and all ages, with a shape to suit and make whoever was wearing it feel like a burlesque goddess, the range consitis of vintage inspired bras, suspenders and knickers, all with a cheeky addition to make them super sexy and glam.

The all black, lacy range is stunning, especially the delicate lace jacket, out of everything I’ve seen, that’s the set I’d adore! The prices are reasonable also which is nice, as we can’t all afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a lingerie set.


Sugar sweet

I want to introduce you lovely ladies to some of the most delicious looking lingerie that’s out there at the moment!

This range from lingerie brand Damaris and I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the colour palette is good enough to eat!

Each range is named after a yummy candy treat, with the stunning neon yellow and contrast pink Refresher range, the deep peacock green and purple Wham bar range, chic and sophisticated but still completely flirtatious and cheeky, and the beautiful sherbet orange and yellow Lemon drop collection that’s fresh, vibrant and perfect for spring/summer, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Take a look and indulge yourself, brighten up these horrible, dark February evenings with a splash of delicious, sugar sweet colour.

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I just wanted to spend two minutes to introduce you to my lovely friend Phoebe and her stunning lingerie designs.

She is a graduated Contour student and specialises in the most beautiful bridal lingerie. I really think Phoebes designs speak for themselves so take a second to look through the gallery below, they are completely elegant and just look so gorgeous, just look at the embellished bra, so many hours went into hand sewing on every last bit of sparkle to make sure its a complete head turner!

Take a look at her Etsy store or her Facebook page for more information, she is more than happy to discuss any bridal ideas with you that you may have and she’ll help make your special day even more beautiful x

Phoeboutique Facebook page

Phoeboutique Etsy page

Sending some love this Valentines day!


The graduate collection

Just want to share a bit of love to the girls at Uni and show off how stunning their work is in this months Lingerie Buyer.

If I could put into words how stressful and tiring and just non stop the course is, I still don’t think you’d believe me, yet these girls produced these garments as an extra to everything else we have going on, so I’m really so proud and really I’m just using this as an opportunity to show them off!

(click the picture for a fuller image)

Contact me for names or contact information, or go straight to the official Contour webpage here to be put in touch with a designer


Time for tea with Ma Mignonnette

“Ma Mignonnette embraces the magical art of adornment to help unleash the seductress in every woman. Collections rise from spellbound tales of enthralled lovers, dreams of passion and delicious moonlit witchery”

With a fantasy edge and a hint of the unknown, Ma Mignonnette creates a unique story with every collection, perfectly playful with a sexy, provocative edge that’s guaranteed to tease.

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Be my Victoria’s Secret valentines

Miss Candice Swanepoel may have the body of an angel, but in these teaser shots from the Victoria’s Secret 2012 Valentines day photoshoot, it’s clear to see she has a seductive side that she’s defiantly not afraid of using! Gorgeously feminine, oozing with sex appeal and utterly adorable, what a perfect way to spend your 2012 Valentines, be it with the one you love or just to make yourself feel beautiful, a jaw dropping lingerie set is a must.

Click here to shop the VS valentines collection

And with Valentines day fast approaching, what kind of lingerie blog would this be if we didn’t hear from some of the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret angels?! 

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received for Valentine’s Day?
Lima: “I got married on Valentine’s day, so that was the best gift.”
Kroes: “To me, it’s the surprise. My husband will say ‘you have to be ready at eight, wear something chic or casual. One time we went on a helicopter ride over Manhattan—that was really nice.”
Ellingson: “This Valentine’s Day, he’s going to cook for me—I think that’s really sweet.”

And the best gift you’ve ever given?
Lima: “Me. In lingerie.”
Kroes: “I like it when we do things together. One time I got us tickets to a Broadway show.”
Ellingson: “Last Valentine’s day I had with a boyfriend and I got him a bunch of Baked by Melissa’s cupcakes.”

How do you prepare for a sexy night in?
Lima: “I like to smell good so I start by taking a bath, then I get out and lotion my body, then perfume. Everything has to smell good— your hair, your face, your toes, your legs and your belly.”
Kroes: “I like to do a scrub. If I’m on the beach, I’ll put olive oil on my body and then put on the sand, then go into the ocean. But if I don’t have the beach by me, I have a great Lolita scrub.”
Ellingson: “Definitely treat yourself to a massage and facial.”

And how do you get your hair Victoria’s Secret sexy?
Lima: “I just tie it all the way back—that’s sexy!”
Kroes: “I do a hair mask that day. Also, I like to put it up then take it down—it looks sexy.”
Ellingson: “It’s all about treatments because I just went platinum blonde. Shu Uemura has a great conditioning treatment that smells so good!”