Be my Victoria’s Secret valentines

by Ashleigh Jessica

Miss Candice Swanepoel may have the body of an angel, but in these teaser shots from the Victoria’s Secret 2012 Valentines day photoshoot, it’s clear to see she has a seductive side that she’s defiantly not afraid of using! Gorgeously feminine, oozing with sex appeal and utterly adorable, what a perfect way to spend your 2012 Valentines, be it with the one you love or just to make yourself feel beautiful, a jaw dropping lingerie set is a must.

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And with Valentines day fast approaching, what kind of lingerie blog would this be if we didn’t hear from some of the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret angels?! 

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received for Valentine’s Day?
Lima: “I got married on Valentine’s day, so that was the best gift.”
Kroes: “To me, it’s the surprise. My husband will say ‘you have to be ready at eight, wear something chic or casual. One time we went on a helicopter ride over Manhattan—that was really nice.”
Ellingson: “This Valentine’s Day, he’s going to cook for me—I think that’s really sweet.”

And the best gift you’ve ever given?
Lima: “Me. In lingerie.”
Kroes: “I like it when we do things together. One time I got us tickets to a Broadway show.”
Ellingson: “Last Valentine’s day I had with a boyfriend and I got him a bunch of Baked by Melissa’s cupcakes.”

How do you prepare for a sexy night in?
Lima: “I like to smell good so I start by taking a bath, then I get out and lotion my body, then perfume. Everything has to smell good— your hair, your face, your toes, your legs and your belly.”
Kroes: “I like to do a scrub. If I’m on the beach, I’ll put olive oil on my body and then put on the sand, then go into the ocean. But if I don’t have the beach by me, I have a great Lolita scrub.”
Ellingson: “Definitely treat yourself to a massage and facial.”

And how do you get your hair Victoria’s Secret sexy?
Lima: “I just tie it all the way back—that’s sexy!”
Kroes: “I do a hair mask that day. Also, I like to put it up then take it down—it looks sexy.”
Ellingson: “It’s all about treatments because I just went platinum blonde. Shu Uemura has a great conditioning treatment that smells so good!”