What’s in a name?

by Ashleigh Jessica

So it’s time to start developing the brand that my final collection will sit within, and I’m struggling with the first hurdle.. what to call myself!

The name has to suit the style of lingerie that I’ll be designing and that fits perfectly within my design aesthetic. Now don’t get me wrong, I love pretty, feminine lingerie with a vintage twist, but I also have a huge soft spot for a cheeky bit of bondage and hard, contrast detailing, so I don’t want a name thats to frilly and sickly sweet either. It’s tricky!

A name is so important, it can draw people in or completely repel them. When I look at the brands I like, and what draws me to their logos, I suppose theres an element of simplicity to them (except for the Lascivious one anyway) but they do all look quite classic and feminine too. Hmm!

I have a few ideas which I’ll let you know when I’ve designed some logos, but for now I think my Saturday is going to be spent all over the online thesaurus and hoping something sparks!

Love love x