Dressing up with Marlies Dekkers

by Ashleigh Jessica

1 – River Island black back detail shirt – £22

2 – Urban Outfitters minkpink carnaby flower maxi skirt – £67 

3 – Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris – 77 Euros (roughly £70)

4 – River Island black platform ankle boots – £100

5 – All Saints Hera cross body bag – £95

I have a trend presentation to M&S coming up at the start of September, and after umming and ahhing about what to wear and whether it’s appropiate, I think I’m settled.. but, what I did know before I knew what I’d be wearing on the outside, was the bra I was dying to wear underneth it all. 

Marlies Dekkers has fast became one of my favorite lingerie brands, from her stunning design aesthetic, which I find so wonderfully inspiring, to her attitude towards lingerie, It’s the complete package for me. You’ll never be confronted with garments provoked by mundane, uninspired ideas, seen time and time again from La Senza or Ann Summers, everything is beautiful, finished with the highest quality components and the most exquisite fabrics, and as a student of lingerie she is a woman I fully aspire too. 

“The modern self-conscious woman knows that she only has to pull her seducer towards her, whilst she, as the seducer herself, with every initiative that she takes, shows her desires and thus her vulnerability.”

The great thing about nearly any bra from Marlies Dekkers, is they are most defiantly made to be seen, which is why I’ve chose to team it with a black, sheer shirt from River Island. You can see the beautiful strap detailing without giving too much away either.

A great story you really should read is when Marlies was in Amsterdam with some of her girl friends walking through the red light district. Normally these streets are full of dominating men casually negotiating the price for cheap sex and even cheaper women, nothing but a quickie is on offer here and every body knows it. With these scantily clad women teasing passer by in windows, It’s easy for a man to become numb to what it is he’s actually seeing. Dekkers however, was an exception to that rule. As radiant as always she walked down the middle of the road wearing one of her own stunning creations. A high necked dress with a large amount of fabric falling down to her feet, almost promoting the idea of modesty and virtuousness in an area which screamed the opposite. However, this illusion was quickly shattered, as as Dekkers walked by, the back of the dress was incredibly short, and, naturally, worn without any underwear, showing off her bare bum with pride to all  who looked, and here in a world full of looking and being looked at, the effect was completely overwhelming. None of the men, who were previously so brazen in bargaining sex for the best price, would dare look her in the eye, let alone speak to her, averting their gaze when confronted with her bum. Unlike the girls behind the window who were trying to please and therefore making themselves dependent on the men they were performing for, Dekkers made it clear that she was not trying to please anyone at all, not wanting to seek conformation of her beauty. She was walking there because she wanted to show off apart of her body that she thought was beautiful, that she was proud of. What we see from her walk through the red light district, is that her pride stemmed from a personal conviction, she did not need reassurance from anyone, not even a man.


I hope this blog has been of interest to you, I find the most unique and exciting brands (be it lingerie, fashion.. wall paper design, whatever!) are those with more passion than they know what to do with, every last thing they do, they do it for the love of it and nothing else, money, fame, recognition is just a by product that if they receive, they embrace, if they don’t, they carry on regardless. 

This is how I feel about Dekkers, and this is why I find her so inspiring.

I hope the confidence I feel when wearing one of her designs helps me when presenting on the first. But I’ll keep you up to date with that ❤