l’amour de lingerie

by Ashleigh Jessica

So.. I’ve been trying to write this first post for a good 15 minutes and I’m struggling a little with an inviting opening line, first impressions really do count!, However as much of a muddle I made of it, I suppose I can say it’s done now! So let me introduce myself ❤

My name’s Ashleigh and I’m 23 (approaching 24 a little quicker than I’d like but moving on!)

I study, work, and live, lingerie.  I think everyone has that ’something’ in their lives, whatever it might be, that’s completely theirs, it just make’s them tick, never failing to give them the excited flutter of butterflies when they think about it.  Some people know it right from the word go, and with others, like me, it takes a bit of working out to realise what that special something is.

Who would have guessed that the failed law student who gave up after a year because it was just to hard would ever make something of herself? Giving up on education for a year after Alevels could be described as a mistake, as I am 23 and still making my way out of the education system, but for me it was the best thing I ever did, I found my love for lingerie purely by accident and I strongly believe that every choice we make, be It a good one or a terrible one, well it makes us who we are right now.

I study Contour Fashion and I’m on my way into the third and final year, scary stuff, it’s the big one! This blog will defiantly be a way of me documenting the progress of my up and coming projects (Boux Avenue being the first, my final collection being the last, with lots of excitement and a ridiculous amount of stress in the middle!) I love the course with all my heart, even on the days when it’s so gloomy and miserable outside, especially in January/February when the excitement of Autumn and Christmas has gone, it gets me out of bed and I just can’t wait to start the day.

I work in the lingerie industry too; it really has become engrained on my every day life. I’ve been working full time as a trend assistant at Courtaulds and will be going down to part time whilst finishing my final year, hopefully going straight back when I graduate (touch wood anyway, this really has been one of the best summers of my life) and no doubt as I start to blog more, I’ll go into more detail about all the thing’s I get up too.

As shallow or superficial as you might think it is (and I really hope noone does) but nothing makes me happier than a beautiful new bra set, or seeing that Agent Provocateur have a new range of lingerie ready for the new season. Nothing feels better than dressing from your lingerie up, not only will it shape your body beautifully, giving you perfect lift and hugging your curves, but it really does make you feel like a princess. You wouldn’t consider an outfit for a special night out, choosing a stunning pair of shoes, the perfect dress, and ‘that’ bag, spend time getting ready, curling your hair and putting on your favorite lipstick, only to throw on a tatty, old, faded coat, that doesn’t really fit you properly therefore doing absolutely nothing for you, you’d choose something fitting! So why not take that way of thinking and apply it to your lingerie? After you’ve spent so long planning the perfect outfit, you don’t want the effect ruined when you take it off. At least that’s my way of thinking.

I hope this post hasn’t dragged on for too long and I’ve kept your interest! I’ll be uploading often and I hope it’s something that inspires you to consider lingerie as more than something you wear because you feel you have too, there are just so many beautiful examples out there to suit every kind of lady and I hope to introduce you to all the gorgeous thing’s I find ❤